Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Cookies

These are some of the Christmas cookies I made this year! I get a little carried away with the decoration of the sugar cookies. I believe the final count of sugar cookies I ended up making was somewhere around 60ish. Four hours later they were all decorated! The Ginger bread robots turned out better than the year before. For some reason I think I used too much flour and they were quite puffy. But this year I used the Martha Stewart recipe for ginger bread cookies and they were perfect! I also had the time to make meringues this year! I've always wanted to make them and I found these mint candy cane cookies and thought they would be fun to try. They were a hit! I also made another batch that were mint flavored as well with chocolate chips in them. And its just not Christmas without shortbread cookies. I have a rolling pin that you use to create these shortbread cookies, saves a lot of time and they are delicious. Well I hope they look as yummy as they were! I'll be making a chocolate and caramel cookie as soon as all the Christmas cookies are gone.

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